1) Where are you located?
  We are located in Los Angeles CA
2) What stones are used in the Jewelry?
Stones used in our jewelry are high grade Cubic Zirconia, High quality Kundan, High quality Faux Emerald, Ruby and other semiprecious stones. They are meticulously Hand set in the metal to give the look and feel of the real jewelry.
3) Which metal is used in the Jewelry?
  Our Jewelry is made of high quality Copper Alloy or Brass metal. Some of them are S925 sterling silver. It is plated with Gold, Rosegold, silver or Rhodium plating. Our Plating does not tarnish for a long time unless it is improperly exposed to water or perfume.
5) Can the metal used cause Allergic reactions?
  Some people are sensitive to metals and it can cause Allergic reactions. Our Jewelry is made of high quality brass or copper alloy metal which normally safe for majority of the people. Our sterling silver jewelry is made of high quality S925 silver which will not turn your skin green. When in doubt ask your doctor and if you have any further queries We will be happy to assist you.
6)   Shipping Rate?
  Shipping rate is $3.99 within US via USPS Priority mail.